F. A. Q.

Here are few frequently asked questions that hopefully will be answered, should any new questions arise this will be updated promptly.

Q: Do you offer Refunds?

A: Yes we do up to 15 days after purchase or when item has finally reached you if said item takes longer than expected.

Q: Do you really offer the best deals for items?

A: We do try our best to try keep up with competition, our items are usually priced around other sites prices or prices we feel are fairly competitive.

Q: If they are cheap does the quality fail?

A: We do our best to work with suppliers that have good reputable standing, if we feel they don't meet our standards we may drop them for another.

Q: What if I want request other items you don't readily have in stock?

A: Depending on item and if we can find suitable supplier we can always look into adding other items, preferably non-hazardous and family friendly items.

Q: What if my item is damaged in delivery?

A: Send us a photo of said damaged item, and we will address whether you wish for partial refund or exchange for same/similar item.

Q: I didn't receive confirmation email of order?

A: Let us know asap, and we will look into this, and always check your spam folder just in case.

Q: When will my item/s arrive from purchase date?

A: Generally it will take up to 3 business days to process for shipping, and possibly from 2-3 weeks before item will arrive. If item has not arrived by then please let us know and will look into it further.

Q: What if I wanted an item yet your not selling it anymore?

A: Usually if its a seasonal/holiday item they are only around during that time. We may extend the time period of some items sometimes even at greater discount. Should you want an item we no longer carry shoot us an email and we shall see if we can add again even if for short time.